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Dabs 2 x Whole Fish

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Delivery date: Tue 5th Mar

Dabs are the smaller cousin of plaice and flounder. They are a versatile and delicious fish that we believe is currently under-rated. Whole Dab can be grilled, baked, or rolled in seasoned flour and pan-fried. Fillets should be floured and pan-fried or poached for best results and are well complemented by garlic, capers, and butter. Dabs are most available between June and January in Newlyn.  Best from June to January.

Landed by our boats.

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Warning: Will contain bones

Contains FISH

Storage & Preparation:

Keep chilled below 5°C.

Once opened eat immediately.

Fish can be frozen upon delivery and should be used within 3 months. Defrost in the fridge thoroughly before cooking


Limanda limanda

FAO27 Cornwall