The Cornish fishing industry is extremely diverse using many different methods of fishing and sizes of vessels to catch and land the highest quality fish and shellfish our rich waters have to offer.

The waters and fishing grounds around the Cornish coast are world renowned and the mixed fisheries here provide a rich variety of fish and shellfish species. It is not unusual for the fish market to have over 35 different fresh and responsibly sourced species landed daily.

We have one of the largest privately owned fleets in Britain which catch, land and sell the finest fresh fish. Having our own fleet of boats allows us control over the entire process from catch to customer. We are pleased to be one of the few companies that can truly say that we have control over the whole journey of the fish – linking catch sector to fish processing and then on to our customer. With careful handling throughout, we can ensure our customers get the highest quality fish and shellfish every time. This means consumers can have total confidence in the provenance and quality of our fish and shellfish.

We work closely with local, regional national and international scientific and management organisations, ensuring we are always at the leading edge of sustainable fishing practices. We passionately believe that working with the wider fishing industry to share best practice and improve sustainability across the fleets fishing out of Cornwall is of paramount importance.  We believe this is key in securing the long-term sustainable future for fishing generations to come.  We are proud and proactive members of the Cornish Fish Producers Organisation (CFPO), one of the leading fishermen’s organisations in the UK.

Stevenson’s boats land a variety species including Cornish Sole (megrim), plaice, monkfish, dover sole, lemon sole, sardines and hake.  We are extremely lucky in the UK having such a wealth of high-quality British fish and shellfish landed from our waters by our fishermen. Hopefully we can all embrace this fantastic and diverse range of fish and shellfish from our waters and eat more locally caught fish.

Fishing has been a way of life in Newlyn for generations and we are proud to be part of that rich heritage. We will continue fishing, provide employment for the next generation, and work with the Newlyn community to grow an even stronger industry for the future. Our mission is to ensure that the high-quality fresh Cornish fish landed by our boats, is a staple on every family’s weekly menu both now and in the future.