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Porthilly Oysters – 1 dozen


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Porthilly Pacific Oysters are cultivated and sustainably harvested by hand in the inter-tidal waters at the River Camel Estuary, Porthilly, Rock, Cornwall, England.

The River Camel Estuary is a ‘Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’and holds the same status as a National Park as well as being an area designated as a Special Area of Conservation.

Cornwall Good Seafood Guide and Cornwall Wildlife Trust recommend Porthilly Pacific Oysters as a responsible and sustainably harvested seafood product.

Oysters can be consumed raw or cooked.

12 oysters.

Warning: For the freshest and best flavour, store Pacific Oysters in the fridge and consume within 4-5 days from delivery. Do not eat damaged or oysters that do not close when tapped. See Storage and Preparation for more information.

Oysters (molluscs)

Storage & Preparation:

Upon arrival open the box of oysters and check that the shells are closed and unbroken.

Clean the oyster shells with a stiff brush under cold running water. Place the oysters ‘cup down’ on a flat tray. That way, if the oysters open slightly while stored, the oysters’ liquor should remain within the cupped shell.

Cover the oysters with a damp – not wet – tea towel. Check to make sure the tea towel remains damp while the oysters are stored in the fridge. The fridge temperature should not be lower than 4 degrees.

Tap Test
Oysters should be closed and unbroken. Oysters can open slightly while in transit or stored in the fridge (this is normal). If any oyster has opened, simply tap the oyster firmly on the bench and it should close. If the oyster closes when tapped, it means the oyster is fresh and fine to consume. Discard any oyster that does not close when tapped, or has a broken or cracked shell.


River Camel Estuary, Porthilly, Rock, Cornwall, England.