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Porthilly Oysters – 12 oysters


Earliest delivery date: Tue 26th Oct

Delicious Porthilly Pacific Oysters are harvested by hand in the River Camel Estuary in Cornwall.

Oysters can be consumed raw or cooked.

12 oysters.

Warning: Oysters should be stored in the fridge and consumed within 4 days from delivery. Do not eat damaged or oysters that do not close when tapped.

Oysters (molluscs)

Storage & Preparation:

Upon arrival please check that the shells are closed and unbroken.

Clean and brush the oysters under cold running water. Ideally store the oysters flat side up, on a flat surface
Cover the oysters with a damp cloth and store in the fridge.

Oysters should be closed and unbroken. Oysters may open slightly while in transit or stored in the fridge, this is normal. If the oyster is slightly open just tap on a hard surface and if the oyster closes then it is suitable for eating. Any oyster that does not close when tapped, or has a broken or cracked shell please throw away.


River Camel Estuary, Porthilly, Rock, Cornwall